These 10 Tips will Boost Your Search Rank with Better Social Media Strategy

These 10 Tips will Boost Your Search Rank with Better Social Media Strategy

Digital marketers are wrapping their heads around social media. I know you have taken all the measures to optimize your website on-page and off-page. Now let’s learn more about how to get social media presence for your website to be more effective than your competitors. In this article we would learn how social media marketing will help your website rank top in search engines and ways to present them. You can check your page rank here.     

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Social signals include likes, shares, comments, views on your social media account. According to new google algorithm page-level social metrics are one of the top-ranking factors used by google.


If you want to know your brand social media reputation or how many people are talking about your brand, you can make use of these free tools like Google alerts, Hootsuite/ TweetDeck, Icerocket, Social Mention, Topsy, Brand24.


Search engines use these social signals to determine whether your brand is being noticed and talked about. Higher the page engagement, lower is your website rank on search engines.


Let’s find out how our social media rank influences search rankings.

  • Value of shares: When you have a great content on your social media page, your fans share them, consequently your website will get more visits. When you get more visits to your website, it boosts your search ranking.


  • Link building: We know the value of inbound and outbound link building in SEO. Our website links shared by trusted social media influencers like reviews and suggestions on platforms like quora will give you good traffic.
  • Driving domain authority: Boosting your social signs will improve your domain authority among your competitors. Domain authority is very important while search rankings. This will have impact on your overall search rankings.





  1. Your profile should tell everything.
  2. Include these in your posts and content.
  3. Conduct contest and games.
  4. Choose the right words to attract.
  5. Add call-to-action button in your post.
  6. The most important thing is using photos
  7. Use optimum words.
  8. Wait for the right time.
  9. Why should they engage with your post.
  10. Don’t stop experimenting.


1   Your Profile Should Tell Everything:

Use proper keywords in your profile to tell who you actually are. When someone searches for the products or services relating to your business, your profile should appear first or second in the row. Do some keyword research to know the best keywords to include in your profile. Short but clear description will attract many visitors and fans.

For example: When you want to search for best digital marketing agency in hyderabad, has created their fb page which describes about the services they offer like seo, smm, web designing services, branding services, email marketing, display advertising, public relations,  remarketing services etc.,, social media profile, best keywords

2.  Include These in Your Posts And Content:

Including relevant keywords in your profile will improve your discoverability in the social media is what we have learned. The same technique should be used while posting your content, descriptions or hashtags. Hashtags are really very easy method to reach similar audiences in apps like instagram and twitter. Hashtags have proven that content reaches many of the interested people on social media. You can use for finding the most trending keywords.

3.  Run contest and games for participation:

Contest are one of the best ways for engagement because everybody wants to win some or the other competition. They would at least be interested to know who have won the contest. Win stories really inspire people to engage. You can ask to tag your friends who are interested to play this game or contest. Tagging is fun right!

4.  Choose the Right Words to Attract:

Certain words are very much appealing to readers and can readers will enjoy reading such post. Words like “free,” “because,” “you,” “instantly,” “new” in social media. So, use these kind of words while writing descriptions, matter, headlines, titles of your posts. These words will engage them with our post. This will give you more clicks, leads and shares.


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 5.  Add Call-To-Action Button in Your Post:

Don’t forget to add single line sentences like “click here to learn more,” “swipe up to see more’” “click the link for more details.” because you can engage with content only when they visit your site. If you don’t ask them to click, don’t expect them to do so. Keep it be more exciting like “Are you ready to know the secret?”


call to action button, like button, get more likes, social media strategy

  1. The Most Important Thing is Using Photos:

Including images to social media content will generate more traffic, A study found that post with images received 104% more comments and 84% more click-throughs, as well as 53% more likes than non-image posts. These images will drive higher traffic to your website. Relevant images which includes humour, inspiring quotes and educational content will attract more visitors and generate social signs. You can use images for free from some sites like pixabay, freepik, pexels, etc.,


  1. Use Optimum Number of Words:

Studies say that headines with just five words are widely accepted. Ad postings of less than 14 words are performing well. Link descriptions can be longer but not more than 18 words. Less words are easy to read, analyse, take action, saves time and get clarity.


  1. Wait for the Right Time:

Your audience are not online 24X7. You need to know active timings of your followers and fans. Studying your social media page insights like demographics, active timings, gender, age group and others. You can use other social media analytical tools to through the referral timings.

  1. Why should they engage with your post :

Usefulness is what social media is meant for. Usefulness can be in the form of entertainment, educational, humour, magic, exciting etc,. Addressing a problem which they face can make them connect with your content. Emotional content is the other way of attracting more eyes.

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  1. Don’t stop experimenting:

Each business has its own requirements. What works for one may not work for the other. So, try different ways of content strategies until you get maximum reach and engagement on your social media account.  



I think you have got a little idea about how to boost your search rank using effective social media strategies. Just don’t forget to use relevant images with limited and effective words to be more eye-catchy. Post the content in suitable timings when followers are active on social media using analytics and insights. If you have any doubts or issues in following the above points, please feel free to comment below.

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