Cut Down Your Conventional Healthcare Marketing Budget Significantly with Digital Marketing Practices

The role of digital marketing in achieving growth at community health plans continues to expand

However, having employed a traditional approach for decades, your health plan marketing organization may lag in the adoption of digital marketing methods and best practices.

The way patients conduct health-related research is evolving rapidly using digital media, internet search has replaced traditional methods of information-gathering and has thus radically transformed the patient path to treatment. Medical marketers have begun adjusting their strategies to accommodate this shift, but their progress has not kept pace with technological advancement.

Some noteworthy digital marketing stats:

  • Digital Is a Significant Factor in Researching Care
  • Mobile Health Continues to Take Off
  • Patients Are Increasingly Open to Telehealth
  • Digital Isn’t Only for the Young
  • Online Content Affects Patient Decisions
  • Digital Marketing Continues to Grow

Consider these key elements of Digital Marketing Strategy:

The core elements of successful digital marketing include the people, platforms, and processes within an organization. With regards to people, the digital strategy design process should not stop at the organizational structure but should continue to encompass people’s practices and individual skills.

In addition, talent management and leadership development strategies must support the business vision and strategy. Culture and behaviours must be aligned with organizational core values and be consistent throughout the organization.

There should be well-defined high-level operational processes and strong linkages and communications between functions. The platforms/infrastructure (systems and property) should support the requirements of the future design.

Using social media as a marketing platform for healthcare products and services can support organizations with additional data analytics, where companies can track the progress, success, and engagement of their campaigns.

The combination of all these elements means that there is increasing use of large-scale and location-aware social media and mobile applications which are enabling real-time platforms that can handle streaming analysis and processing of massive amounts of data.

Best Practices in Healthcare:

Sufficient investment in digital marketing should be made depending on each companies’ requirements, for example for social media promotion, marketing campaigns, and analytical tools. These also help you to track the budgets and return on investment.

Collaboration is also essential as marketing teams are often spread across different departments and geographies. Ensuring integration enables creativity and innovation across the company and across different channels.

As mentioned earlier, social media should be leveraged effectively as it has transformed marketing dramatically. Social media marketing is a very powerful tool that can be used strategically within a company’s digital marketing strategy and give amazing results.

The company culture within an organization should be proactive and embrace change. Establishing trust with end users is also critical because as digital becomes a core part of a company’s business model, customers are increasingly using online platforms. Leveraging competitor intelligence is a great way to generate new ideas for campaigns and messages. It is also a learning process to see what is working for the competitors.




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