How to Increase Footfall and Doctor Appointments For Hospitals with Proper Social Media Marketing Plan

Patients are an integral part of every medical practice

The simple truth is that patients play a key role in marketing your practice as well. Given the advent of Internet usage, patients are more inclined to get recommendations on hospitals and health providers from online searches as well as relying on word-of-mouth recommendations.

But by implementing a few simple techniques that can increase your response rates and patient conversion ratios, you can reap a significantly higher return on advertising, brochures, postcards, and other marketing materials.

Here are key areas where digital marketing can power your health-care brand:

1. Social media in healthcare:

Patients are always influenced by their choice of clinic, hospital or individual doctor, by referrals from their friends, family, and colleagues. But today the referrals are driven by social media at a far greater pace than face to face meetings could drive. A social media strategy for your hospital can help drive high-quality engagement with patients who need your help.

2. Use of digital technology in your health-care process:

From booking appointments to online payments, patients expect features that help them save time and make decisions quickly. Video consultation can help connect with patients who need help but do not have time to travel, and it can also help drive a first interaction that will lead to a visit.

3. Getting feedback:

Today’s patients have several means to get an idea about your hospital/clinic’s services. You can do your brand a favour by offering the patient testimonials from your happy customers. We can take care of capturing and powering feedback, through a combination of email marketing, chat services, social forms and more.

4.  Research on the patient’s needs:

Using social media and search tools, we can find what your patients are looking for on digital channels. This can be used to drive a solid engagement strategy for your hospital. There are wide variations in patient journeys, depending on their demographics, illness type and stage of decision making and the outcome of what they are looking for.

5. Digital marketing fits your budget:

The new medium of digital marketing can level the field for you to drive more engagement with a smaller budget. With the affordable budgets required for digital marketing, you no longer have to fall behind while competing with larger hospitals or clinics with a higher spend.

6. Brand management for Global patients:

Even when someone recommends a hospital or clinic, the patient will have a tendency to check out the facilities available on the website or social media page. A credible presence with the right information can make the difference between a patient making the decision to adopt a course of treatment.

An award in heart care means nothing for a patient looking for treatment for a kidney-related illness. Digital marketing allows the healthcare provider to say the right things to each person based on their need.



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