Statistics Pertaining to Healthcare Digital Marketing


Digital marketing as we all know comprises of Mobile Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing and various other forms of Online Marketing. The social beat report says 87% of the brands in India leverage digital media. This sure shot efficient method also happens to be the primary source of marketing for many brands. With more people relying on the internet to solve their daily issues the healthcare industry too cannot afford to lose track of the pace of the world. Hence more and more from this industry are employing the means of digital marketing to make their products visible and more accessible to people. Some of the recent statistics are also quite surprising.

Some of which are listed below:

  • The study done by Mediabistro say that around 40% of consumer confessed that information available on social media has helped them deal with their health. And due to the result of which the professionals available on social media take it as their duty to spread the right kind of content on social media.
  • People from the age group of 18-25 are more likely to discuss health related issues over social media rather that the age bar of 45-54- year-olds. It is pretty natural as this age group is more likely to be on social media and as well as more active on social media.
  • The search engine watch survey shows 90% of the young generation (age bar 18-25- year-old) rely on the health information shared on social media networks.
  • The survey conducted by the Demi and Cooper Advertising and DC Interactive Group shows that at least 19% of smartphone owners have at least one health application on their phones.
  • Gradually, a lot of people are more comfortable on perceiving the information available on the internet as valid and authentic information, and in fact, 54% of patients are more comfortable with idea of their providers seeking for online assistance for health related issues (Source: Mediabistro).
  • With the rise of LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, there has been an increase in the sustenance on social media by healthcare professionals. The study by MedTech Media shows that a remarkable 31% of healthcare professionals use social media for professional networking. And the numbers are on the rise with each passing day.
  • The statistics of how 41% people rely on social media to choose particular medical facility (Survey by Demi and Cooper Advertising and DC Interactive Group) show that social media is effective is spreading a positive as well as negative word of mouth. And hence institutions must guarantee to offer customer satisfaction and also keep in mind the retention of clients.
And finally, the 119% growth in YouTube traffic to hospital sites is a clear indication of the rate of growth of dependence on the social media platforms by users.

Hence digital marketing in the healthcare industry may have been a little late but sure is catching up to the pace and workings of the same.

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