Online Reputation Management


Reputation management attempts to shape public perception of a person, brand or an organization by monitoring and influencing online information about that entity. For businesses it bridges the gap between how a company perceives itself and how others view it.

Why do you need personal reputation management?

In today’s tech savvy world, where colleagues and journalists are equally starving for a piece of controversial detail of reputed individuals, why not think and manage before we fall victim of an online malice!

Online review management

When most of the buyers decide by glancing at reviews, why not show the best! Take the reputation of yourself and your brand one notch higher by managing the online reviews with Concepto.

Doctor reputation management

For hail a hearty social life our digital health is as crucial as physical one. A reputation management maestro at your service for ensuring your online well being. All the doctors and physicians can now get an unparalleled immunity against negative online reviews.

Crisis management

Not many people are aware of the situation of crisis and its management. Don’t be one of those. Save yourself from ‘Digital Perils’ with Concepto!

Celebrity reputation management

Don’t let shutterbugs and cameras hamper your public appearances. The world of internet can make or break one’s social image. Make sure you let Concepto keep you on the greener side!

Personal reputation management

From your workplace to social media, your reputation meets people first. Make a lasting impression as a person of demeanor by managing your digital presence.

Promote your personal brand

Trust of a customer stacked onto one another is what builds up an empire of commercial success. Let your customers feel affirmative of their association with you, so much so, that your reputation enhances their social value and vice versa

Maintain your online image

Gone are the days when only print media affected public image of a person or brand. Take charge of your online image with Concepto and ensure your presence in the upper echelons of the business world!

Update your personal reputation

Restoring and curing hampered reputation is as vital as maintaining the healthy reputation for along time. Building reputation is a gradual process, so don’t let one unfortunate event shadow your good deeds of lifetime!

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